Pilli Pipa’s Kisite day trip

Visit Kisite Marine Park for a day of snorkeling and/or diving, have a special lunch on Wasini Island before returning to mainland, Shimoni. Click through for more details;

Shimba Hills Day Trip

Take a day to drive up and around the beautiful hills which are cloaked in magical forests and littered with animals, including Elephants as well as the rare Sable Antelope.

Slave Caves

A chance to promote the Shimoni Community and get a feel of the challenges faced by previous generations. Experience the hospitality of the village occupants and then perhaps a cold beer at Smugglers Den…

3 Sisters Caves – Fikirini

Only a short 30 minute drive from Firefly lies Fikirini Village, where 3 large caves are home to number of bats…  and then perhaps a cold beer at Smugglers Den 🙂


Our specially designed pool along with qualified and experienced instructors are available on request to guide you through your PADI/NAUI diving certificate course.

The seas around Shimoni are home to many unique creatures!

Night dives are often possible.

Already certified? Request for a trip in or around the marine park, there is a lot of sea to see!


There is an excellent variety and density of fish around Shimoni area, organise a trip for sport or for dinner!


The REEFolution foundation aims to restore and create coral reefs together with local communities to improve and sustain biodiversity, thereby contributing to the awareness of the importance of sustaining natural resources and creating opportunities to improve livelihood conditions. Click through for more details; Volunteer Programme